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Diantara macam-macam susu yang biasa diminum manusia yang terbaik adalah susu kambing karena sifatnya lembut, paling mudah dicerna . Susu kambing merupakan makanan yang bersifat netral  yaitu tidak panas dan tidak dingin . Sementara susu domba bersifat panas, sedangkan susu sapi membuat orang menjadi gemuk . Susu kambing mempunyai sifat lembut dan mudah dicerna, baik orang yang terkena sakit lambung. Beberapa penelitian juga meyebutkan bahwa susu kambing  hypoallergenic (kemungkinan efek allergynya kecil) . Demikian pula kasus allergy susu kambing jauh lebih sedikit dibandingkan orang yang allergy protein susu lainya. Angka diare akibat minum susu kambing juga lebih sedikit dibanding susu sapi.

Dalam penelitian modern diyakini bahwa komposisi nutrisi  dalam susu kambing lebih ideal dibandingkan dengan susu sapi , susu unta maupun domba . Jika anda minum untuk tujuan memenuhi kalsium dan sekaligus protein terbaik dan teraman adalah susu kambing.


Fasting for Health and Medicine

Fasting  for  Health  and  Medicine (by dr Muhammad Ali toha assegaf)

Advanced Article Fasting for Health and Medicine

In research we’ve done through the Institute for Research, Education and Health Development Islami (LP3KI) in the fasting period of Ramadan 1427 AH / 2006, concluded an increase in enzyme Superoxyde Dismutase (SOD) significantly in the H50 and the volunteers who underwent fasting accompanied by prayer tahajjud routine. In this study sample was too small that is 15 people, with very wide variability of respondents, the study was conducted without any intervention.

Fasting, for healthy people, will also reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. The mechanism is a reduction in caloric intake is physiologically reduces the secretion of insulin and lowers blood sugar levels. This case would improve insulin sensitivity in normalizing blood sugar levels. Good blood sugar control will prevent the type -2 diabetes, which caused decreased potency of insulin in controlling blood sugar.

Benefits of fasting next is the healing process, which begins in the body during fasting. During fasting, the digestive system is grounded so that the energy required for digestion activity can be used to improve metabolism and immune system. The healing process is accelerated by fasting during the search of new energy sources in the body. Fasting also serves as an operator in the execution of damaged cells and weak in body. Hunger can drive people to fast internal organs of the body to destroy cells that are damaged or weak before, consuming useful material from cells that had been destroyed and dispose of hazardous materials are bound within the cell. This process is called autolysis. This process is a good opportunity for the body to replace cells that had been weakened by new cells, so they can return to function and move.

Fasting also serves to keep the body from the addition of harmful substances, such as excess calcium, excess protein, and excess fat. And can also prevent the occurrence of tumors at an early stage. The experts found that the growth of something abnormal in the body, such as tumors and the like, which is not fully supported by the food supply in the body more susceptible to autolysis. In the fast formation of cell proteins become more efficient, less common coding errors, this is because the genetic control of DNA / RNA, which plays a role in this process.

Efficiency in the formation of protein in the fasting produce cells, organs and tissues that are more healthy. That is why animals stop eating when they are injured, and why humans lose hunger often when sick. By the time one gets ill, then he is consciously willed divert all its energy from the digestive system and focus them into the immune system.

The study also found that fasting prevent gouty arthritis (joint inflammation) caused by excess uric acid which is generally caused by a person often consumes meat. Because the body does not break down all types of proteins in the meat, then this causes the body to the accumulation of excess purine focused primarily on the large joints, especially in the joints of the toes. When the joints affected by gout, arthritis then the toes will be swollen, red, accompanied by severe pain. Sometimes high levels of uric acid in the blood enter and settle in the kidneys, and ultimately crystallizes into kidney stones and urinary tract. Reducing portion sizes is the main road to healing from this very dangerous disease.

Patients with high blood pressure especially mild to moderate overweight is accompanied encouraged to fast, since fasting may help lower blood pressure. For those who are taking medication, should consult a physician / physician for medication dosage adjustments. For those who suffer from severe hypertension or heart disease should not fast at all.

The benefits of fasting are the most obvious is the rejuvenation of rejuvenation of the skin and organs, as well as the extension of life expectancy. Lower metabolism, protein production more efficient, increasing the immune system, hormone production and repair, contributing to overall health. The balance of hormones can prevent aging and make people stay young.

Fasting is very good in stabilizing blood sugar levels. This is because fasting gives opportunity to the pancreas to rest, so there was revitalization. Pancreas release insulin which neutralize starch and sugars into fat. If excessive food consumption, then the pancreas will work hard so that the pressure and weakened. Insulin becomes less potential and eventually the pancreas can not function properly, resulting in blood sugar levels will increase so that eventually emerged diabetes mellitus.

Treatment of diabetes with a fasting has given amazing results with without using any chemical drugs. However, patients with diabetes who are fasting should be watched closely, to keep the possibility of complications from fasting and control the correct nutrients. Frequent complication is hypoglycemia or diabetic ketoacidosis.

Prophet Muhammad SAW said: “Fasting is a shield”. (H. R. Bukhari). Some of the benefits of fasting which showed fasting is a shield as follows. :

a. Fasting is a shield from the misuse of lust, as the Prophet ordered for people who are unmarried and have trouble holding his lust, so that they are fasting.
b. Shielded from diseases caused by free radicals. As explained above separately.
c. Shielded from the disease caused no stomach well maintained.
d. Shielded from health problems caused by the mental pressures that interfere with hormonal balance in general.

That is why Allah says: “And fasting is good for you, if you know” (Surat al-Baqoroh: 184). At the decline of this paragraph, and lately people believe modern humans were awakened about fasting for health benefits both physical, mental, social and spiritual.
Various scientific studies prove that when one is fasting, then there was the following processes:

4.1 Detoxification

Detoxification is the argument most talked about in terms of the benefits of fasting. Detoxification is a normal process or purify the body eliminate toxins through the colon, kidneys, lungs, lymph glands and skin. This process is accelerated by fasting because when food is no longer entering the body, the body will convert fat stores into energy. The value of fat in humans is 3,500 calories per pound. A value sufficient to provide energy for daily activities.

Deposits of fat and carbohydrates occurs because glucose is not used as energy source for growth, and not excreted. When fat stores are used for energy during fasting, this process is followed by the release of chemical substances derived from fatty acids into the system which is then eliminated through the organs of elimination. Hazardous chemicals such as DDT and other harmful chemicals are commonly stored in fat deposits, which will be released along with the release of fatty acids mentioned above. Testing stool, urine and sweat on the DDT fasting has been found in every specimen. Hence, in the first days of fasting, the body becomes hot due to crushing of the fat cells, liver cells and toxins that are not vital. When the release of toxins, if intense heat would appear, vomiting, diarrhea, lots of urination, and headache. However, unfortunately, usually someone fast who feel things like this even break his fast. Whereas fasting should be continued so that the detoxification process can be completed. We do not have to worry about suffering from diseases caused by fasting, since fasting is unlikely to cause a person suffering from certain diseases.

4.2 The establishment of healthy cells more quickly, especially liver and kidney cells. This is because the damaged cells have been destroyed through the process of autolysis.

4.3 Fasting increases levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a hormone that is currently in the U.S. is busy talking that is useful to make a young person, or people become young again. Research Dr. Ronald Klatz, President, Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine has proven this.

4.4 There revitalization digestive glands, because digestion has been rested from the strenuous work he always did.

Nevertheless there are certain people who, when fasting would worsen her health, namely:
g. People with poor nutritional status
h. Diabetic with a history of blood sugar decreased dramatically in the second period of fasting, or diabetes with blood sugar levels over 300 mg / dl, or patients with diabetes who use insulin injection therapy with injection frequency more than twice per day.
i. People who are recovering from illness and is in the process of recovery. Fasting for them will be done under the supervision of doctors / physicians are proficient.
j. Patients with chronic infectious diseases, cancer patients with reduced general condition, patients with severe anemia, impaired absorption / malabsorption
k. Patients with kidney failure
l. Other diseases that promotes nutrition as a primary way of healing.
All of the above diseases can actually help the healing by fasting, but the process of fasting done gradually and under supervision of a doctor / thabib excelling. Therefore, for those who suffer from illnesses that are not allowed to fast for him, should seek treatment to doctors / physicians proficient in order to be helped so that they can drink in the pleasure of fasting.

Article entitled Fasting For Health and Treatment continued in next post.