Benefits of fasting *(by dr Muhammad Ali toha assegaf)

Benefits of fasting (by dr Muhammad Ali toha Assegaf)

From some verses and hadiths about fasting, there are four dimensions of fasting benefits, as follows:
• The physical dimensions of the improved health status, as described above.
• psychological dimension of healing liver disease. Fasting liver turn, brake and subdue lust to love over the world.
• The social dimension of the person fasting will increase its solidarity towards fellow human beings and foster care. We are encouraged to run social deeds in the month of fasting.
• spiritual dimension: as the promises of God “… so that you fear Him” ​​is increasing the quality of our faith and closeness to God Almighty which is expected to be pious.

Which is often a question whether this includes the sunnah fasts, the answer is that the sunnah fasting can be a way of maintaining our spirit of Ramadan. The benefits of physical and psychological dimensions are real, while the social and spiritual benefits in the month of Ramadan is more prominent, though still there is no benefit to the sunnah fasts.

Fasting benefits will be felt when the fasting is done by the full faith and sincere. Herein lies the difference in running fast with dieting. People who diet only benefit the physical dimensions, and even then not optimal.

So that fasting can be beneficial in four dimensions at once, there are terms, including:
a. Rounding intention lillahi ta’ala. This is to increase the blessings of Allah be upon fasting we do, most of which we do not know.
b. Meal, increase the blessings and strengthens our bodies.
c. Heavy physical activity such as exercise done before the break, to make sure to avoid health problems such as hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels).
d. Filling the days with worship to enhance sincerity, since sincerity in fasting to the benefit of the increased value of our spirituality and optimize the benefits of fasting for the healing of diseases of the heart.
e. Break the fast with sweet and not too much, avoid spicy and acidic foods, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
f. Drinking water needs are met at least try the white water of 30 cc / kg body weight / day, taken from the open split to finish the meal, to prevent dehydration because we did not drink during the day. In times past the elderly forbidden to fast for fear of dehydration, but recent studies show, fasting is permissible for elderly patients as long as it does not have a dysfunction of vital organs
g. Enforce the Tarawih prayer, because prayer tarawih move the muscles around the stomach so that the digestion and blood circulation. Besides prayer tarawih also turn our hearts. Tarawih prayer in congregation enhance social solidarity.

Moreover it turns out fasting can cure many diseases. Diseases can be cured by fasting, among others:
• skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis / scaly skin
• Heart disease includes coronary heart disease, heart rhythm disturbances, and arterio sclerosis (stiffness of the arteries)
• metabolic diseases such as diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, chronic liver infection, gout, high blood pressure
• Digestive Diseases include canker sores, chronic ulcers and digestive enzyme deficiency
• Kidney and urinary tract diseases such as renal dysfunction, urinary tract infections and prostate enlargement
• Cancer
• Premature aging such as wrinkles and muscle weakness
• sexual diseases like impotence, premature ejaculation, loss of libido in women, chronic vaginal discharge, impaired hormonal balance

These diseases can be cured with the permission of Allah, provided fasting conducted according to the instructions above and under the supervision of a doctor / thabib who understand it. The disease can largely be cured only by fasting alone and some need plus a combination of nutritional and herbal ingredients that have proven especially useful. If you are determined to treat the disease by using the method of fasting, then you apply it at the beginning, I suggest be done in a doctor’s supervision.

Meaning: “O mankind! Have come to learn from your Lord and a healing for the diseases in the chest and guidance and mercy for those who believe” (Qur’an Surah Yunus, 10:57)

It means: “And We sent down the Qur’an to be a cure and mercy for the believers and not people who do wrong get nothing from it except the loss” (Qur’an Surah Al-Isra ‘, 17:82)

Hopefully this article on the Benefits of Fasting wrote Dr. Muhammad Ali Toha Aseggaf useful for us that will soon fast Romadhon and welcome Romadhon by Faith and Science.

* dr.Mohammad Ali Toha Assegaf
(The inventor of Smart Method of Healing, practitioners and reviewers of Medicine of the Prophet)

Fasting for Health and Medicine

Fasting  for  Health  and  Medicine (by dr Muhammad Ali toha assegaf)

Advanced Article Fasting for Health and Medicine

In research we’ve done through the Institute for Research, Education and Health Development Islami (LP3KI) in the fasting period of Ramadan 1427 AH / 2006, concluded an increase in enzyme Superoxyde Dismutase (SOD) significantly in the H50 and the volunteers who underwent fasting accompanied by prayer tahajjud routine. In this study sample was too small that is 15 people, with very wide variability of respondents, the study was conducted without any intervention.

Fasting, for healthy people, will also reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. The mechanism is a reduction in caloric intake is physiologically reduces the secretion of insulin and lowers blood sugar levels. This case would improve insulin sensitivity in normalizing blood sugar levels. Good blood sugar control will prevent the type -2 diabetes, which caused decreased potency of insulin in controlling blood sugar.

Benefits of fasting next is the healing process, which begins in the body during fasting. During fasting, the digestive system is grounded so that the energy required for digestion activity can be used to improve metabolism and immune system. The healing process is accelerated by fasting during the search of new energy sources in the body. Fasting also serves as an operator in the execution of damaged cells and weak in body. Hunger can drive people to fast internal organs of the body to destroy cells that are damaged or weak before, consuming useful material from cells that had been destroyed and dispose of hazardous materials are bound within the cell. This process is called autolysis. This process is a good opportunity for the body to replace cells that had been weakened by new cells, so they can return to function and move.

Fasting also serves to keep the body from the addition of harmful substances, such as excess calcium, excess protein, and excess fat. And can also prevent the occurrence of tumors at an early stage. The experts found that the growth of something abnormal in the body, such as tumors and the like, which is not fully supported by the food supply in the body more susceptible to autolysis. In the fast formation of cell proteins become more efficient, less common coding errors, this is because the genetic control of DNA / RNA, which plays a role in this process.

Efficiency in the formation of protein in the fasting produce cells, organs and tissues that are more healthy. That is why animals stop eating when they are injured, and why humans lose hunger often when sick. By the time one gets ill, then he is consciously willed divert all its energy from the digestive system and focus them into the immune system.

The study also found that fasting prevent gouty arthritis (joint inflammation) caused by excess uric acid which is generally caused by a person often consumes meat. Because the body does not break down all types of proteins in the meat, then this causes the body to the accumulation of excess purine focused primarily on the large joints, especially in the joints of the toes. When the joints affected by gout, arthritis then the toes will be swollen, red, accompanied by severe pain. Sometimes high levels of uric acid in the blood enter and settle in the kidneys, and ultimately crystallizes into kidney stones and urinary tract. Reducing portion sizes is the main road to healing from this very dangerous disease.

Patients with high blood pressure especially mild to moderate overweight is accompanied encouraged to fast, since fasting may help lower blood pressure. For those who are taking medication, should consult a physician / physician for medication dosage adjustments. For those who suffer from severe hypertension or heart disease should not fast at all.

The benefits of fasting are the most obvious is the rejuvenation of rejuvenation of the skin and organs, as well as the extension of life expectancy. Lower metabolism, protein production more efficient, increasing the immune system, hormone production and repair, contributing to overall health. The balance of hormones can prevent aging and make people stay young.

Fasting is very good in stabilizing blood sugar levels. This is because fasting gives opportunity to the pancreas to rest, so there was revitalization. Pancreas release insulin which neutralize starch and sugars into fat. If excessive food consumption, then the pancreas will work hard so that the pressure and weakened. Insulin becomes less potential and eventually the pancreas can not function properly, resulting in blood sugar levels will increase so that eventually emerged diabetes mellitus.

Treatment of diabetes with a fasting has given amazing results with without using any chemical drugs. However, patients with diabetes who are fasting should be watched closely, to keep the possibility of complications from fasting and control the correct nutrients. Frequent complication is hypoglycemia or diabetic ketoacidosis.

Prophet Muhammad SAW said: “Fasting is a shield”. (H. R. Bukhari). Some of the benefits of fasting which showed fasting is a shield as follows. :

a. Fasting is a shield from the misuse of lust, as the Prophet ordered for people who are unmarried and have trouble holding his lust, so that they are fasting.
b. Shielded from diseases caused by free radicals. As explained above separately.
c. Shielded from the disease caused no stomach well maintained.
d. Shielded from health problems caused by the mental pressures that interfere with hormonal balance in general.

That is why Allah says: “And fasting is good for you, if you know” (Surat al-Baqoroh: 184). At the decline of this paragraph, and lately people believe modern humans were awakened about fasting for health benefits both physical, mental, social and spiritual.
Various scientific studies prove that when one is fasting, then there was the following processes:

4.1 Detoxification

Detoxification is the argument most talked about in terms of the benefits of fasting. Detoxification is a normal process or purify the body eliminate toxins through the colon, kidneys, lungs, lymph glands and skin. This process is accelerated by fasting because when food is no longer entering the body, the body will convert fat stores into energy. The value of fat in humans is 3,500 calories per pound. A value sufficient to provide energy for daily activities.

Deposits of fat and carbohydrates occurs because glucose is not used as energy source for growth, and not excreted. When fat stores are used for energy during fasting, this process is followed by the release of chemical substances derived from fatty acids into the system which is then eliminated through the organs of elimination. Hazardous chemicals such as DDT and other harmful chemicals are commonly stored in fat deposits, which will be released along with the release of fatty acids mentioned above. Testing stool, urine and sweat on the DDT fasting has been found in every specimen. Hence, in the first days of fasting, the body becomes hot due to crushing of the fat cells, liver cells and toxins that are not vital. When the release of toxins, if intense heat would appear, vomiting, diarrhea, lots of urination, and headache. However, unfortunately, usually someone fast who feel things like this even break his fast. Whereas fasting should be continued so that the detoxification process can be completed. We do not have to worry about suffering from diseases caused by fasting, since fasting is unlikely to cause a person suffering from certain diseases.

4.2 The establishment of healthy cells more quickly, especially liver and kidney cells. This is because the damaged cells have been destroyed through the process of autolysis.

4.3 Fasting increases levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a hormone that is currently in the U.S. is busy talking that is useful to make a young person, or people become young again. Research Dr. Ronald Klatz, President, Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine has proven this.

4.4 There revitalization digestive glands, because digestion has been rested from the strenuous work he always did.

Nevertheless there are certain people who, when fasting would worsen her health, namely:
g. People with poor nutritional status
h. Diabetic with a history of blood sugar decreased dramatically in the second period of fasting, or diabetes with blood sugar levels over 300 mg / dl, or patients with diabetes who use insulin injection therapy with injection frequency more than twice per day.
i. People who are recovering from illness and is in the process of recovery. Fasting for them will be done under the supervision of doctors / physicians are proficient.
j. Patients with chronic infectious diseases, cancer patients with reduced general condition, patients with severe anemia, impaired absorption / malabsorption
k. Patients with kidney failure
l. Other diseases that promotes nutrition as a primary way of healing.
All of the above diseases can actually help the healing by fasting, but the process of fasting done gradually and under supervision of a doctor / thabib excelling. Therefore, for those who suffer from illnesses that are not allowed to fast for him, should seek treatment to doctors / physicians proficient in order to be helped so that they can drink in the pleasure of fasting.

Article entitled Fasting For Health and Treatment continued in next post.

Fasting for Health and Medicine (by dr Muhammad Ali Toha assegaf)

Fasting for Health and Medicine ( By dr Muhammad Ali Toha assegaf)

Fasting for Health and Medical Titles menarik.Kami will post in two articles. Rasulullah SAW said that the stomach is the source of many diseases. It has been scientifically proven that if we are not able to keep eating and drinking habits, then this can cause many diseases, such as:

a. Mouth and teeth: dental cavities, gingivitis, tartar, canker sores, tongue cancer
b. Throat: tonsillitis, strep throat, nasopharynx cancer
c. Esophagus / esophageal: inflammation of the esophagus, reflux esophagitis, esophageal bleeding
d. Stomach and lymph-gland: inflammation of the stomach, bloating / dyspepsia, gastric cancer, acute inflammation of the pancreas
e. Intestine and digestive gland: inflammation of the small bowel, colitis, typhoid, paratyphus, intestinal tuberculosis, gallstones, fungal infections, intestinal worms, certain parasitic infections, colon cancer, rectal cancer, liver cancer, keracuanan food, vomiting, diarrhea
f. Kidney and urinary tract: kidney stones, inflammation of the urinary tract, bladder stones, bladder cancer
g. Reproductive system: a shortage of sperm cells, abnormal sperm shape and movement, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, weakness of the uterus, recurrent abortion, child birth defects, low birth weight babies
h. Muscles, bones, skin and nerve tissues: muscle weakness, bone loss, impaired taste and touch, pengeriputan skin, scaly skin
i. Heart and blood vessels: the weakness of the heart muscle, coronary heart disease, heart rhythm disorders, inflammation of the vein, artery inflammation, stiffness of blood vessels and heart attack
j. Disturbances in the brain: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s syndrome, stroke
k. Eyes: retinopathi / disorder of the nerves of vision, cataracts
l. Ear: vertigo / dizziness, ringing in the ears
m. Other diseases: arthritis, immune diseases decline

From what we mentioned above there are 63 common diseases experienced by humans, originated from non mahiran us in regulating eating and drinking. Outside the above-mentioned many more that have not been included. Great Prophet Muhammad provides low-cost solutions and amazing as 2 pieces of his saying:
– “Fast so that you are healthy”.
– “The stomach is where the indwelling of the disease and abstinence (abdomen) is the principal of each drug. So make it your habit ”

Fasting as known to benefit the health of body and soul of the perpetrator. Not a little community of users of alternative medicine in the foreign trust and believe that fasting can work wonders for the human body. People are fasting will experience changes in body condition, from lack of eating and drinking less. Lack of energy input on those fasting, making the body do the autolysis process, namely the use of fatty deposits in the body to be used as an energy source.

Liver served convert fat into ketones, metabolic compounds and acid betahidroksibutirik asetoasetik acid. Then distribute it throughout the body via the bloodstream. When the destruction of fatty deposits occur, free fatty acids released into the bloodstream, and used as energy. The less a person eats, the more body fat stores change, the more fatty acids were released and the more harmful chemicals are released and discharged. This occurs because the toxic substances are generally tied up in fat deposits. With the release of many toxic substances, will certainly help to liberate our bodies from harmful toxins.

In various studies known benefits of fasting, among others, can reduce the risk of stroke. Fasting also can improve blood cholesterol. High blood cholesterol levels in the long run will clog the blood vessels in the form of atherosclerosis (calcification or hardening of the arteries). When that happens in the brain will result in a stroke, and if there is in the heart area can lead to heart attacks. The results show that every day we can increase the fasting blood cholesterol HDL (healthy) 25 points, and lowered triglyceride fats around 20 points. Triglycerides are fat-forming material LDL cholesterol (damaging health).

Fasting was also able to increase endurance. The mechanisms include the reduction of calorie intake will make a decrease in metabolic rate. The proof, people fasted body temperature will decrease, and it showed a reduction in oxygen consumption. It will also reduce the production of toxic oxygen compounds (free radicals of oxygen). Reportedly, about 3% of the oxygen that cells use to produce oxygen free radicals, and it will add to the pile of oxygen toxicity, such as superoxide anions (O2-) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), which naturally occur in the body.

Excess oxygen free radicals that would reduce the activity of enzymes work, thus causing mutations and cell wall damage. There are about 50 degenerative diseases, including heart disease and stroke, which caused and exacerbated by free radical compounds. A study in Indonesia showed that fasting would suppress free radical production of approximately 90%, and increase antioxidant approximately 12%. Thus, fasting means it will increase endurance.

The article titled Fasting for Health and Medicine in writing by the drMuhammad Ali Toha Assegaf  continued in next post.

PROPOTEN TEMUAN dokter Muhammad Ali Toha assegaf, baik untuk pria dan wanita …

PROPOTEN TEMUAN  dokter Muhammad Ali Toha assegaf, baik untuk pria dan wanita …

Propoten baik untuk pria dan wanita

PROPOTEN adalah temuan dr. Mohammad Ali Toha Assegaf, dokter Pengkaji metode pengobatan Nabi, yang sering juga dipakai untuk meningkatkan stamina pria, namun sebenarnya juga memberi manfaat besar bagi kaum wanita . PROPOTEN bukan obat kuat, dan oleh karena itu aman digunakan untuk jangka panjang dalam menjaga stamina anda.  PROPOTEN juga aman untuk pasien tua muda, usia lanjut, pasien tekanan darah tinggi, pasien kencing manis, penderita penyakit jantung maupun pasien stroke.

PROPOTEN telah dipakai oleh dr. Mohammad Ali Toha Assegaf Pimpinan rumah sehat afiat . Propoten sejak tahun 1998dan banyak digunakan untuk mempercepat kesembuhan bagi pasien yang sakit, mempercepat pemulihan kesehatan bagi mereka yang baru habis sakit, dan meningkatkan kesehatan secara umum bagi mereka yang sehat. Dosis 1 X sehari @ 1 kapsul.

PROPOTEN terdaftar resmi di depkes dan telah memiliki sertifikat HALAL dari LP-POM MUI. Telah ribuan orang merasakan manfaatnya dari obat ini. Anda mungkin perlu mencobanya .

Pemesanan Hubunggi : RUMAH SEHAT AFIAT JL. Limo Raya no. 3, kompleks Griya Ruko Cinere II, Limo, Depok

Tlp. 021-7547291

Pelatihan Pengobatan Nabawiy (Thibbun Nabawiy) Tingkat dasar

Pelatihan Pengobatan Nabawiy (Thibbun Nabawiy) Tingkat dasar LP3Ki dan RUMAH SEHAT AFIAT

Foto – foto Kegiatan Pelatihan Pengobatan Nabawiy 12 Juni 2011 RUMAH SEHAT AFIAT Ciputat

dr Muhammad Ali Toha Assegaf
Pelatihan Pengobatan Nabawiy

Praktek Bekam

dr M. Ali Toha assegaf
Peserta Pelatihan

Peserta Pelatihan Pengobatan Nabawiy

Pelatihan Pengobatan Nabawiy LP3KI & RUMAH SEHAT AFIAT

Pengobatan Nabawiy

Peserta dari Ponorogo
dr M. Ali Toha Assegaf sebagai Pembicara Pelatihan Pengobatan Nabawiy

Mengatasi Sering Kencing malam (ngompol)

Mengatasi Sering Kencing malam (ngompol)

Assalamualaikum Wr wb.

Saya seorang anak dari 6 bersaudara, dari mulai kecil hingga besar (kini 16 tahun) , kenapa air kencing saya tidak bisa  berjalan normal. Hampir setiap malam kasur saya selalu basah dengan air kencing ,padahal setiap akan tidur malam saya selalu kencing dulu dan tidak minum air.Jikalau disebabkan digin ,juga tidak mungkin karena walaupun ramalan cuaca panas  juga  masih tidak normal bahkan kalau bulan ramadhan pun juga tetap begitu .apakah ada kelainan pada tubuh saya dan bagaimanakah cara pengobatannya sesuai prinsip thibbun ? Terima kasih atas jawabannya.

Wa’alaikumussalam wr. wb
Segala puji bagi Allah yang sangat kuat kerajaanNya , dan sangat jelas bukti-bukti kekuasaan-NYa . Shalawat dan salam atas Junjungan kita Nabi muhammad saw, manusia pilihan dan nabi terakhir , penutup dari semua Nabi.

Sayang surat ini tidak menjelaskan jenis kelamin dari pengirimnya , namun baiklah saya coba terangkan penyebab dari cara mengatasi  ngompol/enuresis ini. Ngompol pada remaja bisa karena produksi urine yang banyak atau adanya kelemahan otot sphinciter semacam klep dari kandung kemih atau kurang mampunya seseorang dalam pengendalian diri .Remaja yang mengalami ngompol berulang tidak boleh dimarahin dan harus ditanamkan keyakinan dan dukungan keluarga kepadanya,jika tidak maka perasaan stress pada saat tidur akan mendorong penderita  enuresis ini untuk kembali ngompol lagi,demikian seterusnya.

Cara menanggulangginya adalah sebagai berikut :

1. Secara Psikologis orang tua harus memberikan dorongan moril yaitu jangan di persalahankan jika ngompol
2. Berkemih sebelum tidur
3. Membaca doa sebelum tidur bismikallohuma ahya wabika amuut.
4. Tirulah cara Nabi saw tidur yaitu miring ke kakanan dengan tanggan di bawah kepala
5. Perlu dilakukan pijat refleksi ,jika belum tertolong , maka pengalaman saya dengan akupuntur akan memberikan efek positif
6. Obat yang diminum adalah :
 * 1 sendok teh jintan putih
 * 1 sendok teh bubuk cengkih
 * 1 sendok teh bubuk lada hitam
 * 250 cc madu

Cara membuatnya :
ketiga bubuk di campur, diaduk rata ,kemudian tambahkan 250 cc madu, diaduk sampai rata Diminum 2 X sehari @1 sendok teh ,pagi dan sore
7. Berdoalah minta pertolongan kepada Allah
8. Bersabarlah atas ujian ini,Allah pasti menolong hamba-Nya yang berusaha dengan  sungguh-sungguh  dan dengan penuh kesabaran
Selamat mencoba dan semoga berhasil . Jika masih belum berhasil, silahkan menghubungi saya untuk tuntunan lebih lanjut.

Sumber: Diambil dari buku Ketika Nabi   Sakit (Resep Hidup Sehat Sesuai Sunnah Rasullah) ditulis oleh :

dr.  Muhammad  Ali Toha Assegaf , pengkaji Kedokteran Islam dan Penulis Buku Smart Healing  kiat  Hidup Sehat Menurut   Nabi

Ciri-ciri Praktek Kedokteran Nabi yang benar

Ciri-ciri Praktek kedokteran Nabi yang benar

Menurut Dr ja’afaar Khadiim Yamani Ciri-ciri Praktek kedokteran Nabi yang benar adalah :

1. Seorang dokter tidak bertindak ataupun mengunakan cara-cara yang bertentangan dengan Al-quran dan Hadits
2. Tidak mengunakan bahan haram
3. Pengobatan yang dilakukan tidak mencacatkan tubuh, kecuali sangat terpaksa dan seijin pasien.
4. Pengobatan tidak berbau tahayyul maupun khurafat .
5. Para pengobat harus mengetahui Ilmu Tubuh manusia dan ilmu pengobatan dan efek samping obat yang diberikan kepada pasien dengan Baik
6. Seorang dokter harus menjauhkan diri dari iri ,riya’ ,’ujub,sombong dan tidak boleh melakukan pemerasan kepada Pasien
7. Seorang dokter harus berpakaian rapi dan bersih sebaiknya berwarna putih
8. Pusat pelayanan kesehatan hendaknya di tata menarik,rapi dan bersih
9. Menghindari lambang-lambang yang merupakan pemujaan terhadap simbol yahudi dan nasrani

Jika kita menemui seorang thabib yang mengaku menjalankan praktek kedokteran nabi hendaknya kita perhatikan 9 syarat diatas.
Rasululah Saw mengajarkan pengobatan dengan benar dan hati-hati,rasional dan mengutamakan pasien

Arikel ciri-ciri kedokteran nabi yang benar bisa di baca selengkapnya dalam Buku Ketika Nabi sakit karya dr Muhammad Ali Toha assegaf.
Bisa di dapatkan di Rumah-sehat afiat cinere Depok atau di Rumah sehat afiat ciputat.



Dr. Mohammad Ali Toha Assegaf *

Pengkaji Kedokteran Nabi SAW

Rumah sehat adalah rumah tempat dimana seseorang ingin menjadi sehat atau bertambah sehat . Biasanya jika seseorang mengalami gangguan kesehatan maka ia akan pergi ke tempat-tempat pelayanan kesehatan yang dalam masyarakat kita disebut rumah sakit atau klinik-klinik pengobatan . Banyak dari mereka yang mendambakan diri menjadi sehat di rumah sakit, namun jika saya boleh mengaris bawahi bahwa untuk menjadi sehat seyogyanya orang pergi ke rumah sehat dan bukan sebaliknya ke rumah sakit .

 Seperti kita ketahui bahwa kita menyebut tempat pengobatan orang sakit sebagai rumah sakit adalah karena kita mengikuti orang Belanda yang menyebut hospital sebagai zieken huis . Kenapa demikian saya kurang jelas, padahal jika kita mengacu pada kebiasaan dalam bahasa Inggris rumah sakit adalah “hospital” yang artinya memang rumah perawatan. Bahasa arab adalah yang lebih tepat dalam hal ini, mereka menyebutnya “musytasyfah” yang artinya rumah sehat atau tempat penyehatan.

Demikian besarnya pengaruh penyebutan “hospital” maupun “musytasyfah” maupun rumah sehat itu bagi pasien akan memberi dorongan/spirit kepada pasien bahwa dia datang ketempat itu untuk menyehatkan badannya . Di rumah sehat, jika kita sakit akan disehatkan, di rumah sehat, orang yang sehat akan lebih disehatkan . Ada beberapa aktifitas di rumah sehat yaitu:

Pencegahan penyakit : orang dididik untuk hidup sehat dan diajarkan bagaimana mencegah agar dirinya tidak jatuh sakit . Pengobatan orang sakit : dengan menggunakan bahan dan cara yang menghindari kecacadan dan mengurangi kemungkinan efek samping dari pengobatan . Pemulihan kesehatan : yaitu upaya agar orang yang baru lepas dari sakit akan dapat dipulihkan kembali kesehatannya .

Peningkatan kualitas kesehatan : yaitu meningkatkan daya tahan dan kekuatan badan sehingga orang tidak mudah jatuh sakit . Nyata sekali perbedaan rumah sehat dengan rumah sakit yang sekarang banyak terdapat disekitar kita . Di kebanyakan rumah sakit ada aktifitas yang sama dengan rumah sehat namun pada rumah sakit pelayanan pencegahan – pengobatan – pemulihan – peningkatan kualitas kesehatan dilakukan terpisah-pisah dan seringkali tidak berhubungan satu sama lain sehingga pasien datang ke rumah sakit sering kali datang untuk satu macam aktifitas saja.

Sudah waktunya kita mengubah paradigma rumah sakit menjadi rumah sehat, dan kelihatannya nama rumah sakit harus segera diganti menjadi rumah sehat agar paradigma sehat pari purna.

* Dr. Muhammad Ali Toha Assegaf adalah : ( Penemu Metode Smart Healing, Pra ktisi dan Pengkaji Kedokteran Nabi) Selain Sebagai Derektur Rumah Sakit Persahabatan beliau Pemilik Rumah Sehat Afiat yang berkantor

di JL. Limo Raya no. 3, kompleks Griya Ruko Cinere II, Limo, Depok Tlp. 021-7547291

Cabang :

RSA Ciputat Jl. Kampung Utan (WR.Supratman) No.1, RT.04,RW.04, Ciputat, Tangerang Selatan. Telp. 021 740 2423




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Kali ini kami Rumah-sehat afiat membahas CARA MEREBUS RAMUAN OBAT.Perebusan umumnya dilakukan dalam pot tanah, pot keramik, atau panci email,. Pot keramik dapat dibeli di toko obat tradisional Tionghoa. Panci dari besi, alumunium atau kuningan sebaiknya tidak digunakan untuk merebus. Hal ini diingatkan karena bahan tersebut dapat menimbulkan endapan, konsentrasi larutan obat yang rendah, terbentuknya racun atau menimbulkan efek samping akibat terjadinya reaksi kimia dengan bahan obat.

Gunakan air yang bersih untuk merebus. Sebaiknya digunakan air tawar, kecuali ditentukan lain. Cara merebus bahan dimasukkan ke dalam pot tanah. Masukkan air sampai bahan terendam seluruhnya dan permukaan air sekitar 3 cm diatasnya. Perebusan dimulai bila air telah meresap kedalam bahan ramuan obat.

Semoga Postingan yang berjudul CARA MEREBUS RAMUAN OBAT yang ditulis oleh dr .Mohammad Ali Toha Assegaf.Bermanfaat dan menambah khazanah.tentang herbal medicine. Amien.Nantikan postingan selanjutnya dengan tema-tema yang menarik

Seminar Nasional Tentang At-Thibbun Nabawi & Obat Herbal Dalam Mengobati Kangker dan Peyakit degenaratif lainya

Seminar Nasional Tentang At-Thibbun Nabawi & Obat Herbal Dalam Mengobati Kangker dan Peyakit degenaratif lainya

Apa yang kita ketahui tentang Pengobatan nabi tantunya masih banyak hal yang kita belum pahami. Benarkah obat herbal bisa mengobati Penyakit kangker yang sulit disembuhkan.Apalagi penyakit-penyakit lainya.
Tentunya pertanyaan itu akan bisa kita pertanyakan di Acara Seminar Nasional Tentang At-Thibbun Nabawi & Obat Herbal Dalam Mengobati Kangker dan Peyakit degenaratif lainya.Bekam kata ini mungkin banyak
orang bertanya-tanya .Apakah bekam itu adalah bekam (alias pemain bola Iggris) oh ternyata tidak dan masih banyak lagi pertanyaan-pertayaan dibenak kita.

Untuk itu Lp3ki yang dibina oleh dr Muhammad Ali Toha Assegaf (Pimpinan Rumah-sehat afiat) Bekerja sama dengan Herbal Insani  dan Insani Enterprise Mengadakan Acara Seminar Nasional Tentang At-Thibbun Nabawi
& Obat Herbal Dalam Mengobati Kangker dan Peyakit degenaratif lainya.  Pada :

Hari Sabtu ,12 juni 2010

Pukul 08.30 – 16.00
Bertempat Auditorium  Gedung A
Fak. Kesehatan Masyarakat (FKM-UI)
Universitas Indonesia Depok

> seminar Kit
> Snack dan Makan Siang
> Serifikat

* Pendaftaran sebelum tgl 2 Juni Rp.85.000
* Pendaftaran tgl 3 – 10 juni Rp. 100.000
* Pendaftaran tgl 11 – 12 Juni Rp 125.000
* Mahasiswa Rp.65.000

Sesi pertama :

At-Thibbun Nabawi Solusi Jitu Mencegah dan Mengobati Penyakit Kangker Dengeneratif lainnya

dr. Muhammad Ali Toha Assegaf
– Pengkaji Metode Kedokteran Nabi
– Penulis Buku Smart healing
– Formulator herbal medicine
– Pengasuh rubrik kesehatan Pada majalah & radio swasta
– Pembina LP3KI (Lembaga Penelitian,Pendidikan dan Pengembangan Kesehatan Islam)
– Pimpinan Rumah-sehat afiat
– Direktur Rumah sakit Persahabatan

Sesi kedua :

Kajian Obat herbal Untuk Mengobati Penyakit Kangker & Penyakit Degeneratif lainnya

Ir. B Mahendra,Akp

– Pimpinan lembaga kursus herbal dan pengobatan alami
– penulis buku-buku tanaman obat
– Penulis buku paduan meracik obat herbal
– Praktisi pengobatan herbal & Thibbun nabawi
– Pengurus Pusat Asosiasi  Pengobatan Tradisional Ramuan Indonesia  (ASPETRI)

Sesi Ketiga :

Tehnik Pembekaman Pada Pasien Penderita Kangker

Ust. Ahmad Fatahillah

– Ketua Umum Asosiasi Bekam Indonesia
– Praktisi pengobatan bekam
– Penulis buku ” Keampuhan Bekam’
– Pengajar Nasional Pelatihan Bekam

Informasi Pendaftaran  dan pameran :
Jl . Mawar Raya No. 4 Perumnas I Depok Jaya

– Telp .    : 021-77210940
– Heri      : 081311402368
– Ikhwan : 021 68000846
– Fax       : 021-77218446


Semoga Seminar Nasional Tentang At-Thibbun Nabawi & Obat Herbal Dalam Mengobati Kangker dan Peyakit degenaratif lainya bermanfaat untuk kita semua amien.