Benefits of fasting *(by dr Muhammad Ali toha assegaf)

Benefits of fasting (by dr Muhammad Ali toha Assegaf)

From some verses and hadiths about fasting, there are four dimensions of fasting benefits, as follows:
• The physical dimensions of the improved health status, as described above.
• psychological dimension of healing liver disease. Fasting liver turn, brake and subdue lust to love over the world.
• The social dimension of the person fasting will increase its solidarity towards fellow human beings and foster care. We are encouraged to run social deeds in the month of fasting.
• spiritual dimension: as the promises of God “… so that you fear Him” ​​is increasing the quality of our faith and closeness to God Almighty which is expected to be pious.

Which is often a question whether this includes the sunnah fasts, the answer is that the sunnah fasting can be a way of maintaining our spirit of Ramadan. The benefits of physical and psychological dimensions are real, while the social and spiritual benefits in the month of Ramadan is more prominent, though still there is no benefit to the sunnah fasts.

Fasting benefits will be felt when the fasting is done by the full faith and sincere. Herein lies the difference in running fast with dieting. People who diet only benefit the physical dimensions, and even then not optimal.

So that fasting can be beneficial in four dimensions at once, there are terms, including:
a. Rounding intention lillahi ta’ala. This is to increase the blessings of Allah be upon fasting we do, most of which we do not know.
b. Meal, increase the blessings and strengthens our bodies.
c. Heavy physical activity such as exercise done before the break, to make sure to avoid health problems such as hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels).
d. Filling the days with worship to enhance sincerity, since sincerity in fasting to the benefit of the increased value of our spirituality and optimize the benefits of fasting for the healing of diseases of the heart.
e. Break the fast with sweet and not too much, avoid spicy and acidic foods, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
f. Drinking water needs are met at least try the white water of 30 cc / kg body weight / day, taken from the open split to finish the meal, to prevent dehydration because we did not drink during the day. In times past the elderly forbidden to fast for fear of dehydration, but recent studies show, fasting is permissible for elderly patients as long as it does not have a dysfunction of vital organs
g. Enforce the Tarawih prayer, because prayer tarawih move the muscles around the stomach so that the digestion and blood circulation. Besides prayer tarawih also turn our hearts. Tarawih prayer in congregation enhance social solidarity.

Moreover it turns out fasting can cure many diseases. Diseases can be cured by fasting, among others:
• skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis / scaly skin
• Heart disease includes coronary heart disease, heart rhythm disturbances, and arterio sclerosis (stiffness of the arteries)
• metabolic diseases such as diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, chronic liver infection, gout, high blood pressure
• Digestive Diseases include canker sores, chronic ulcers and digestive enzyme deficiency
• Kidney and urinary tract diseases such as renal dysfunction, urinary tract infections and prostate enlargement
• Cancer
• Premature aging such as wrinkles and muscle weakness
• sexual diseases like impotence, premature ejaculation, loss of libido in women, chronic vaginal discharge, impaired hormonal balance

These diseases can be cured with the permission of Allah, provided fasting conducted according to the instructions above and under the supervision of a doctor / thabib who understand it. The disease can largely be cured only by fasting alone and some need plus a combination of nutritional and herbal ingredients that have proven especially useful. If you are determined to treat the disease by using the method of fasting, then you apply it at the beginning, I suggest be done in a doctor’s supervision.

Meaning: “O mankind! Have come to learn from your Lord and a healing for the diseases in the chest and guidance and mercy for those who believe” (Qur’an Surah Yunus, 10:57)

It means: “And We sent down the Qur’an to be a cure and mercy for the believers and not people who do wrong get nothing from it except the loss” (Qur’an Surah Al-Isra ‘, 17:82)

Hopefully this article on the Benefits of Fasting wrote Dr. Muhammad Ali Toha Aseggaf useful for us that will soon fast Romadhon and welcome Romadhon by Faith and Science.

* dr.Mohammad Ali Toha Assegaf
(The inventor of Smart Method of Healing, practitioners and reviewers of Medicine of the Prophet)


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