Fasting for Health and Medicine (by dr Muhammad Ali Toha assegaf)

Fasting for Health and Medicine ( By dr Muhammad Ali Toha assegaf)

Fasting for Health and Medical Titles menarik.Kami will post in two articles. Rasulullah SAW said that the stomach is the source of many diseases. It has been scientifically proven that if we are not able to keep eating and drinking habits, then this can cause many diseases, such as:

a. Mouth and teeth: dental cavities, gingivitis, tartar, canker sores, tongue cancer
b. Throat: tonsillitis, strep throat, nasopharynx cancer
c. Esophagus / esophageal: inflammation of the esophagus, reflux esophagitis, esophageal bleeding
d. Stomach and lymph-gland: inflammation of the stomach, bloating / dyspepsia, gastric cancer, acute inflammation of the pancreas
e. Intestine and digestive gland: inflammation of the small bowel, colitis, typhoid, paratyphus, intestinal tuberculosis, gallstones, fungal infections, intestinal worms, certain parasitic infections, colon cancer, rectal cancer, liver cancer, keracuanan food, vomiting, diarrhea
f. Kidney and urinary tract: kidney stones, inflammation of the urinary tract, bladder stones, bladder cancer
g. Reproductive system: a shortage of sperm cells, abnormal sperm shape and movement, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, weakness of the uterus, recurrent abortion, child birth defects, low birth weight babies
h. Muscles, bones, skin and nerve tissues: muscle weakness, bone loss, impaired taste and touch, pengeriputan skin, scaly skin
i. Heart and blood vessels: the weakness of the heart muscle, coronary heart disease, heart rhythm disorders, inflammation of the vein, artery inflammation, stiffness of blood vessels and heart attack
j. Disturbances in the brain: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s syndrome, stroke
k. Eyes: retinopathi / disorder of the nerves of vision, cataracts
l. Ear: vertigo / dizziness, ringing in the ears
m. Other diseases: arthritis, immune diseases decline

From what we mentioned above there are 63 common diseases experienced by humans, originated from non mahiran us in regulating eating and drinking. Outside the above-mentioned many more that have not been included. Great Prophet Muhammad provides low-cost solutions and amazing as 2 pieces of his saying:
– “Fast so that you are healthy”.
– “The stomach is where the indwelling of the disease and abstinence (abdomen) is the principal of each drug. So make it your habit ”

Fasting as known to benefit the health of body and soul of the perpetrator. Not a little community of users of alternative medicine in the foreign trust and believe that fasting can work wonders for the human body. People are fasting will experience changes in body condition, from lack of eating and drinking less. Lack of energy input on those fasting, making the body do the autolysis process, namely the use of fatty deposits in the body to be used as an energy source.

Liver served convert fat into ketones, metabolic compounds and acid betahidroksibutirik asetoasetik acid. Then distribute it throughout the body via the bloodstream. When the destruction of fatty deposits occur, free fatty acids released into the bloodstream, and used as energy. The less a person eats, the more body fat stores change, the more fatty acids were released and the more harmful chemicals are released and discharged. This occurs because the toxic substances are generally tied up in fat deposits. With the release of many toxic substances, will certainly help to liberate our bodies from harmful toxins.

In various studies known benefits of fasting, among others, can reduce the risk of stroke. Fasting also can improve blood cholesterol. High blood cholesterol levels in the long run will clog the blood vessels in the form of atherosclerosis (calcification or hardening of the arteries). When that happens in the brain will result in a stroke, and if there is in the heart area can lead to heart attacks. The results show that every day we can increase the fasting blood cholesterol HDL (healthy) 25 points, and lowered triglyceride fats around 20 points. Triglycerides are fat-forming material LDL cholesterol (damaging health).

Fasting was also able to increase endurance. The mechanisms include the reduction of calorie intake will make a decrease in metabolic rate. The proof, people fasted body temperature will decrease, and it showed a reduction in oxygen consumption. It will also reduce the production of toxic oxygen compounds (free radicals of oxygen). Reportedly, about 3% of the oxygen that cells use to produce oxygen free radicals, and it will add to the pile of oxygen toxicity, such as superoxide anions (O2-) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), which naturally occur in the body.

Excess oxygen free radicals that would reduce the activity of enzymes work, thus causing mutations and cell wall damage. There are about 50 degenerative diseases, including heart disease and stroke, which caused and exacerbated by free radical compounds. A study in Indonesia showed that fasting would suppress free radical production of approximately 90%, and increase antioxidant approximately 12%. Thus, fasting means it will increase endurance.

The article titled Fasting for Health and Medicine in writing by the drMuhammad Ali Toha Assegaf  continued in next post.


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